I had Low energy, depression, decreased motivation, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, increased body fat and and reduced muscle.  

No matter how hard I tried nothing worked.

~ Here’s my familiar story.

My fellow man,

I want to tell you my story of how having low testosterone caused me to have low energy, and depression among other things.

Whats worse was that my sex drive had dropped to a new low and I was starting to look like I did when I was fourteen years old – flabby.

I didn’t even feel like being with a woman sexually.

I was starting to feel like less of a man.

I became embarrassed when the mood was right I couldn’t perform my manly duties in the bedroom.

And then to make matters worse for no apparent reason I was moody all the time.

Even the women close to me started calling me temperamental.

Going from extremes feeling like everything was alright to being depressed led me to want to withdraw from society and to stop doing the things I liked to do.

I even quit playing golf.

I became the worse version of myself, unwilling to socialize and all alone.

Getting going to complete simple tasks felt like trying to pull my feet out of wet concrete.

I couldn’t get out of my own way.

It took me some time to realize that there was something wrong with me.


One day after I retired from the Army I was outside washing my car in a t-shirt.  The temperature was 35 degrees.

I didn’t feel the heat – I was on fire or it felt like it — I was having hot flashes.

So I begrudgingly went to the doctor… The quick story is that ultimately he told me that what was wrong was that I was indeed having symptoms of low T – Low Testosterone.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone:

My doctor ran some simple tests and found out that my TOTAL testosterone level was indeed low – at 270.  The bottom figure for a man my age was somewhere in the 500 range.

Optimum levels for a man to feel strong, have lots of energy, erections whenever he wanted, better sleep and increased memory capacity is around 750.

I was 1/3 the optimum level of a normal functioning male.  A third!

As a retired military man I pride myself on being a strong, virulent and confident. As a real soldier, in my mind, there was no way that I could have low testosterone.

After-all testosterone is what makes a man – a man.

Without testosterone, I would be weak, less than – and that was just not me.

What was I to do?

My doctor’s solution was to give me some testosterone gel.  

This sticky petroleum jelly like substance was designed to be rubbed on my skin twice per day.

But after a few days applying the glutinous gel, I didn’t feel better – I felt worse.

After doing some research, I realized that what I really wanted (and needed) was a natural approach – not man made pharmaceuticals.

The difference is…

I didn’t want to just replace the testosterone that I was losing. I wanted my body to create more testosterone.

I made the mistake…

I tried all kinds of pills and capsules from local chain supplement stores.

They worked for about 2 weeks and then just stopped.

I spent a lot of time trying…

Nothing seemed to work long-term.

I ordered stuff from advertisements disguised as articles in popular fitness magazines, but none of them made any improvement in the way I felt – none of them.

They were all garbage.

I used to feel like a strong man, a warrior who served a full carrier in the ARMY.

As luck would have it, one day I met a man who was in a similar situation.

His name was Charlie. He is a trusted scientist and compound pharmacist who was able to formulate a safe solution to low testosterone from natural substances.

The thing I didn’t know about compound pharmacists like Charlie was that they are able to make supplements, creams, powders, lotions and medicines from scratch.

Making tinctures and remedies from natural ingredients was the way all solutions used to be compounded (by hand) back in the day before big pharma got involved.

Charlie let me try what he made for himself. Thank God!

What happened next just amazed me.  

After taking my first bottle of this natural testosterone enhancer, my body was able to produce more testosterone naturally.

The reason I know this is that it felt like I had re-wound the clock.

What was exciting was that Charlie was able to formulate a solution that allows the body to produce more testosterone safely.

This solution is called T-Rize.

Just a week after I started taking T-Rize I noticed an increase in energy, elevated moods and I began to want to socialize again.

The hot flashes went away.

Then I started feeling more alive like I did when I was young and viral.

I started playing Golf again back at the country club.

Women started to notice and pay attention to me again.

Probably because my confidence level was high but also because I felt like I could take on the world.

I felt like my body was repairing itself.  I felt restored and rejuvenated. Alive!

So I did what any halfway intelligent man would do, I partnered with Charlie started testing to make sure that this natural testosterone enhancer would work for other men as well.

What Happy Customers Have To Say:

We recruited men who were willing to take the product and share their results.

We wanted to not only show that a natural solution to Low Testosterone worked but back it up with scientific studies.

We tested the product on (100) male adults between ages of 18 and 72, who either knew what their T-scores were or were willing to do a saliva test to establish their free testosterone blood levels baseline.

Based on our group research the combination of ingredients they took assisted the body in producing an increase in testosterone levels.

Our population of participants was from the United States and in three geographic locations Southern California, West Texas and Georgia – North Carolina.

The study group took three capsules a day for 30 to 60 days and then received a second blood or saliva test.  Average Testosterone scores increased for: Southern California 68.43%, West Texas 100.6% increase and Georgia – North Carolina 86.45%.

The West Texas population was over 50% of the total study .

Even though this was a comparatively small study, it demonstrates that this formula shows worthwhile results in the pursuit of finding an over-the-counter product which will help the body increase men’s testosterone levels.

Benefits of T-Rize

More Happy Customers:

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Right now T-Rize is available for men that want more in life.  

It is designed for men that believe that living optimally that believe peak performance is the key to life.

It was created solely for achievers and action takers for men that are used to pushing the boundaries in both their business and personal lives.

It’s for men that want the best of the best and not some off the shelf 2nd level knock off that doesn’t really work.

T-Rize is for men that are ready to feel the best they have ever felt.

Product Ingredients:

T-RIZE is a combination of natural plant extracts, vitamins and minerals

T-Rize is GMO free, contains NO glutens, dyes, fillers, artificial colors, stabilizers, cellulose, or chemical preservatives.

The problem…

What I disliked about most other so called solutions online is that there was never anyone that I could speak with on the phone to get answers to my questions.

At my age, I want to talk to a real person.

That’s why T-Rize has real people ready to answer the phones.  

We have trained sports and exercise coaches standing by to answer YOUR questions, discuss symptoms and explain how T-Rize can solve problems related to Low Testosterone.

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Our formula has no fillers, preservatives or stabilizers and is made in small batches…

Right here in the U.S.A.

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If you want to be feel strong, with abundant energy, go from limp to lively then try this natural solution worry-free for 30 days!

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~ I know savvy marketers all say stuff like this, but this is why we are different.

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Regain your confidence – Call T-Rize today.



Call Now and regain your confidence!

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