When Mother Nature Takes Its Toll

T-Production Declines!

I had bad sleep, low energy or poor bedroom function.

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    As men age T-levels can rapidly decline  which may cause poor performance, bad sleep and bedroom dysfunction.
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    But certain natural ingredients have been found to help restore T-levels and produce more T.
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    What this means is getting the hellish drive back to be able to crush the competition, regain boundless vitality and abundant energy.

Hi, I'm Chuck the founder of T-Rize a natural supplement that helps men increase T-levels so they can be at the "top of their game", beat out the competition and feel great doing it.

But Restoring low- T is not for the meek It's for the Assertive man!

High T-levels contribute to the ability of strong confident men to be able to command a room by sheer presence, control conversations and direct outcomes "to go their way", and lead beautiful women to take notice and ask, "who is that man?"

But the problem with T-replacement products on the market today is..  there is not enough scientific evidence to back up their claims.  

That is why they offer "free trials" and guarantees. However, these are marketing strategies that prey on human nature, giving customers a false sense of confidence and security — thus urging them toward a purchase. 

But a lot of these unscrupulous sellers make it more than difficult to opt-out or obtain refunds.  This sometimes forces people to have to call their credit card companies to contest the charges.  Or worse try and stop *unwanted* monthly auto-renewals they didn't know they agreed to in the first place.   By making it more than difficult to get their hard-earned money back savvy marketers know some people will just give up.  After all a sale is a sale.  We don't operate that way.

Who really wants a guarantee?  People really want something that works and are willing to pay top dollar for a solution to their problems.

 Mass Produced Low-T supplement products are made for the "Masses".

Those mass produced products are made for the sheep -- not dominate, assertive men.  Off the shelf T-Supplements are Not for the discriminate men, men who are wolves -- who devour the competition and make deals happen.  

Men that are at the 'top of their game', want settle for products made for the average Joe.

T-Rize is a natural T-booster that is made for men who are at the peak of their lives in everything they do, but want a little more edge, more energy and more sexual vitality.

When a man is taking charge and kicking Ass in his profession, getting looks from the opposite sex and feeling great he is really living like a 'man of power' - full of vigor, confident, assertive and desirable.

When a man feels like he is  Breaking Down...

When he feels like he is slowing down, doesn't have the energy or less drive than he once had and is struggling to get back in shape -- his body may be screaming for higher T- production!

As Most Men Reach 40 everything changes!

Some research suggests that men as early as 27 are developing low-t levels.  That's frightening.

By age 40, decades of grueling hard work, raising their young, and stress from several directions can take a beating on the male body.

When stress and age wears down the body -- it can leave a man feeling like *less than*, like things are to hard, or "it's harder than it used to be."

But as we look for solutions we soon realize that competitive T-boosting products have several flaws. They are not backed by any real scientific research, and if they say they are -- try getting a copy of that research without having to give out your personal details, phone numbers, etc in exchange for bogus information.  

Only later do they find out that they are being constantly harassed from some mailing and cold calling list!

Before taking a pill know what is in it!

Too many products rely on untested and unsafe ingredients that lack expert, randomized and placebo controlled clinical research.  Without this who can be trusted? Who?  Instead...

Get a product from a company that is willing to easily share the scientific research.

Make sure that the T-booster of choice has been testing in controlled experiments.

Take the product yourself for 30-45 days. Let the evidence do the talking.

Too many products rely on untested and unsafe ingredients that.  They lack expert, randomized and placebo controlled clinical research.  Without this who can be trusted? Who?  Instead...

Remove the guesswork from products that are unsafe, are stimulants and have fillers.

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    Some products have too much or too little of the 'right ingredients' – to be effective!  That is why they make it hard to find out what is in the product or have a confusing label.
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    Dosages are all guess work.  Since it takes a lab, and expert compound pharmacists with decades of experience to put together something that actually works, these other products just guess with their formula contents, with what amounts of each ingredient one should take.​​
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    Product ingredients are not clear or misleading.  There is very little regulation in the supplement industry so anything goes. But that is why you should look for a manufacture that employs registered compound pharmacists with decades of experience to produce your t-booster.​​

So what would the perfect men's T-supplement look like?

My name is Chuck, and I am a 70-year-old retired Army captain. Not too long ago I was having trouble with mood swings, lack of focus, and poor sleep.

I was tired all the time, and it was affecting my job. To combat this I did what most men my age would do -- I went to the doctor. He ran some tests and told me my testosterone was low.

His solution was to give me a sticky gelatinous testosterone prescription gel.  After trying the sticky gel that made me feel weird, I stopped taking it and decided to research and find something natural.

I found a solution that worked for me. So I created this company to share this exciting product with men just like me – T-Rize a true men's T-supplement that actually works!

T-Rize is packed with only quality ingredients that actually perform.  It's backed by double blind scientific research. And handmade in the U.S.A. by registered pharmacists in a controlled environment.

That's what the perfect high-quality T-supplement looks like.

Now people comment on how young and fit I look!

Now, whenever I go out in public people sometimes comment on how young and fit I look.

“Honestly it’s just clean living,” I say.  No one believes me.

I found a solution that increased my testosterone naturally by allowing the body to work at optimal levels.

T-Rize a men's supplement that ACTUALLY works

T-Rize a natural T-booster!

T-Rize is the perfect t-booster for men who are at the peak of their game in life.  It was designed for men who want more from life, who aren't afraid to try something new.  It was created for the man that expects the best and is willing to pay a premium for it!.

T-Rize helps produce more T naturally in the body.

Finally a real way to boost libido, increase drive, improve confidence and vitality – T-Rize an extremely safe supplement that is proven to boost T-levels.

T-Rize helps boost More energy, increases libido.  More Muscle. More strength and increased focus, with more endurance.

T-Rize amplifies LH levels, frees bound testosterone, enhances muscle mass, strength and endurance.

It comes with 90 capsules in a combination of natural plant extracts, and vitamins and minerals.  T-Rize is designed for men of any height and weight.  A full 90 capsules is a complete monthly supply with key ingredients that have been shown to assist the brain to produce more T naturally.

No GMO's, Glutens, Dyes, Fillers or Chemical Preservatives!

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    More energy, increased libido. More Muscle. 
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    Helps increase drive, confidence and vitality.
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    More strength, increased focus, more endurance.
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What People Are Saying About Our Solution

"I’ve been taking T-RIZE for 3 months now. "

My free testosterone in the beginning was 4.5 (saliva test). After 30 days of taking 3 capsules a day my T-score was 28. My free testosterone increased by 23 points. Needless to say I was very pleased with my increase and my wife even says I’m in a better mood nowadays. Oh by the way I am 64 years old.


Oilfield Superintendent, Waco, Texas

"I was one of the first participants in the study for T-RIZE. "

At the time I was 70 years old and had been on testosterone injections for about three years. The bad thing about the injections is that you get an immediate high and then it wears off 3 weeks later. It’s like you fell off a 12-story building. I can do my own blood work so I knew what my testosterone levels were. Without the injections my normal testosterone level was 3.0 (saliva) and 290 (serum). After 30 days on T-RIZE I tested at 6.1  and 970.


Retired Physician, San Diego, CA

"My job takes me all over the world."

I am an account rep for a large liquor distributing company and I am 41 years old. I am overweight, smoke and drink too much. I don’t have time to exercise or eat properly and I didn’t think T-RIZE would work for me. I did the saliva test and my baseline score for free testosterone was 33 which I thought was pretty good considering. Thirty days later after taking T-RIZE I took the test again and my score was 51. That is an 18 point increase in 30 days. And I didn’t do anything differently.


Independent Liquor Distributor - Charlotte, NC

Image feeling stronger, more virile and sexually attractive!

  • Essentially taking T-Rize is like turning back the clock...
  • Feeling stronger, more confident and energetic.
  • Imagine a huge boost in libido, performance and sex drive?
  • Ingredients backed by rigorous double-blind, placebo controlled studies.
  • Dosages confirmed with scientific evidence.
  • More energy all day without stimulants.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

More people are saying...

"I am 67 years old and had been using testosterone pellets in-plants from my doctor for almost two years. "

When he retired, I decided to try T-Rize. I had a comprehensive physical done before I started the product my baseline free testosterone was 3.5 and my serum testosterone was 306.  Thirty days later I went in and had my testosterone checked again. My free testosterone was 6.7, and my serum testosterone was 919. I couldn’t believe it.

-Age 67 Retired CPA. Rome, GA

"Bodybuilding is my passion."

At 71, I’m the oldest member at my gym that still works out 3-4 days a week.  I’ve used every testosterone supplement out there and had decided that none of them really worked for me.  The guy I train with is 55. I noticed that he was showing up at the gym more often and seem to be getting better results.  Using same circuit training we were doing, so I asked him if he had changed anything in his supplement program and he told me he had been taking T-Rize for about two months.  I could see it was working for him. So I decided to try it. My first saliva test gave me a T score, of 26 which I was told was an excellent score for a guy my age. Two months later I could feel the difference, and I knew my testosterone had increased because I could see it in my muscle definition. So I did another saliva test just to check it out, and my free testosterone went up 60 points to and 86.

Age 71 - Retired High School Football

A fountain of Energy, Strength and Vitality Is Within Reach

Can pushing and pulling things make one feel more confident? Or can it make them feel more alive with abundant energy?

Men who exert themselves on the job are more likely to make it easier for their bodies to produce more testosterone without needing hormone replacement.

Feeling sluggish, having trouble with memory or not living up to standards in the bedroom can all be symptoms of low T - Low test.

Researchers conducted an experiment to find out whether hard-working men were able to produce more Test (T) than men working at desks.

These researchers gave 100 hard working men (regardless of occupation) 3 capsules a day of T-Rize in a combination of natural plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

The men were then asked to go about their normal days without any deviation.

Overall these men, regardless of their occupations, were able to increase their free T levels dramatically.

Some even tripled their free test (T)

This was verified with regular blood serum T tests.

Since men don’t like to share their feelings researchers were not able to tell whether having more Test (T) made them feel better.

However... one common thread emerged, their wifes said they were in a better mood and easier to get along with.

Of course, one doesn't need to take a supplement to help the body boost Test naturally, gain more energy and put on muscle -- it sure does help though if you have the right one.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Give the body the scientific boost.  Keep muscles tone, developed and strong - now be able to power through the day.

The Pros List

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    Feel invigorated with high-level passion, energy and drive.
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    Manufactured with care by registered compounded pharmacists with over 40 years experience.
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    Restore youthfulness and stop feeling like life has slowed down, "after 40".
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    Enhance muscle-building potential and get the most out of your fitness.
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    Elevate body mass for remarkable comprehensive results.
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    Enjoy mental clarity and attention to detail.

The Cons List

  • Do absolutely nothing, remain the shell of a man seen in the mirror.
  • Lose the edge over the competition.
  • Spend tons of money and countless hours to end up disappointed with gels and pills that are more harmful than good.
  • Continue to feel weak and tired from Low-Test (T).
  • Waste away sitting on the couch as a promising future passes by.

Here's a "What You Get" - Don't let indecision take away the Edge!

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    30 day supply. Safe for Athletes.
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    Compounded by registered pharmacists under strict guidelines.
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    90 capsules tested for men of all ages and sizes.
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    Third party verified double blind study.
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    ​Hand-made in The U.S.A.
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    More energy, increased libido. More Muscle.
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    More strength, increased focus, more endurance.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules do I take per day?

How many times a year should I have my testosterone levels checked?

Can I take it with my other medications?

Can women take this product?

Should I have my testosterone and estrogen levels checked before I began T-RIZE?

How do I use T-Rize?

How soon can I expect T-Rize to work?

Why is there no Refund?

Will T-Rize cause any allergic reactions?

Can my teenage son take the product?

How long should I wait to test my testosterone levels with blood work or a saliva test?

Should I change my workout regimen while taking this product?

​Is T-Rize safe?

Do I Need to Tell My Doctor? I Am Taking This New Supplement?

As a man of stature and means the only risk you are taking is not taking any at all.  
Try T-Rize today and boost your t-levels and start feeling great!



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  • Great Value
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T-Rize 2 Pack


$63.99 ea.

  • 2 Month Supply
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  • 3  Month Supply
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