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I’ve been taking T-RIZE+ for 3 months now. My free testosterone in the beginning was 4.5 (saliva test). After 30 days of taking 3 capsules a day my T-score was 28. My free testosterone increased by 23 points. Needless to say I was very pleased with my increase and my wife even says I’m in a better mood nowadays. Oh by the way I am 64 years old.

Jack, Age 64

Oilfield Superintendent, Waco, Texas

I was one of the first participants in the study for T-RIZE+. At the time I was 70 years old and had been on testosterone injections for about three years. The bad thing about the injections is that you get an immediate high and then it wears off 3 weeks later. It’s like you fell off a 12-story building. I can do my own blood work so I knew what my testosterone levels were. Without the injections my normal testosterone level was 3.0 (saliva) and 290 (serum). After 30 days on T-RIZE+ I tested at 6.1  and 970.

Randolph, Age 70

Retired Physician, San Diego, CA

My job takes me all over the world. I am an account rep for a large liquor distributing company and I am 41 years old. I am overweight, smoke and drink too much. I don’t have time to exercise or eat properly and I didn’t think T-RIZE+ would work for me. I did the saliva test and my baseline score for free testosterone was 33 which I thought was pretty good considering. Thirty days later after taking T-RIZE+ I took the test again and my score was 51. That is an 18 point increase in 30 days. And I didn’t do anything differently.

Charles, Age 41

Independent Liquor Distributor, Charlotte, North Carolina

LCN – Life Changing Nutraceuticals is a science based company first and a supplement company second

Ask us about the results of the test we conducted with 80 men ages 40 to 78 using three doctors and an independent lab for a period of 30 days. The average increase in testosterone was 86%. Most manufacturers do not test their natural testosterone boosters for a reason.

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T-RIZE Natural Testosterone Booster

We added our exceptional Estrogen Blocker to T-RIZE to produce T-RIZE+, the perfect combination to help your body produce the most free testosterone.

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I have used a bunch of test boosters and none of them worked or worked for a while and then quit. T-RIZE+ is the only test booster that truly worked and keeps on working. You can try the other test boosters or you can save your money and try T-RIZE+. Forget the gels and the shots. T-RIZE+ really works. It is your testosterone.


Age 70 - Marietta, GA

I am 67 years old and have been using testosterone pallets in-plants from my doctor for almost two years.  When he retired, I decided to try T-RIZE+. I had a comprehensive physical done before I started the product my baseline free testosterone was 3.5 and my serum testosterone was 306.  Thirty days later I went in and had my testosterone checked again. My free testosterone was 6.7, and my serum testosterone was 919. I couldn’t believe it.


Age 67 - Retired CPA, Rome, Georgia

Bodybuilding is my passion.  At 71, I’m the oldest member at my gym that still works out 3-4 days a week.  I’ve used every testosterone supplement out there and had decided that none of them really worked for me.  The guy I train with is 55. I noticed that he was showing up at the gym more often and seem to be getting better results.  Using same circuit training we were doing, so I asked him if he had changed anything in his supplement program and he told me he had been taking T-RIZE+ for about two months.  I could see it was working for him. So I decided to try it. My first saliva test gave me a T score, of 26 which I was told was an excellent score for a guy my age. Two months later I could feel the difference, and I knew my testosterone had increased because I could see it in my muscle definition. So I did another saliva test just to check it out, and my free testosterone went up 60 points to 86.


Age 71 - Retired High School Football Coach


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This stuff is dynamite. At age 55 I was dragging around like a zombie. My T-score was 8.0 (saliva test) before I started taking T-RIZE+ and after 3 months I am at 45. I even lost weight going from 210 to 185 in three months. I started walking and even joined a gym.

Sterling, Age 55

Independent BMW Garage Owner, Chamblee, GA

Before T-RIZE+ my T-score was 1.8 (saliva test). After 60 days I tested at 20. I took T-RIZE+ to my doctor and asked him what was going on. He said he didn’t know but he thought I should stay on it. Also, for some reason, my mood swings are gone. And my wife says I am a much better person since I started taking this stuff. Even my kids seem to like me more.

Justin, Age 58

General Contractor, Cumming, GA

I am 59 years old and started taking T-RIZE+ in April. I had my blood work done for my annual physical and my free testosterone was 2.9 (saliva test) which is very low. That explains a lot of things that were going on in my life: lack of energy, sex drive, concentration and mood swings were horrible. In September I went back and had my blood work done and my free testosterone was 29. After taking T-RIZE+ for 6 months my score went up 26 points.  My doctor was amazed and asked me what I was doing. He sure was excited about my results.

Jim Bob, Age 59

Long-Haul Truck Driver, Waycross, Georgia
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