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We create, manufacture, market and sell the top product in each category in the health supplement industry which will do the most good for you and for our other customers. Our products lead the industry in effectiveness, quality, and sell to you at an affordable price. Our products provide solutions to the most common health problems that you will experience, especially for those of you over age 40. We constantly seek to improve our products to stay as the industry leader. We seek to educate you and our other customers knowing that you will become better customers and advocates for our products. We provide  top notch service and make it easy for you to buy our products.


Happy Customers

I’ve been taking T-RIZE+ for 3 months now. My free testosterone in the beginning was 4.5 (saliva test). After 30 days of taking 3 capsules a day my T-score was 28. My free testosterone increased by 23 points. Needless to say I was very pleased with my increase and my wife even says I’m in a better mood nowadays. Oh by the way I am 64 years old.

Jack, Age 64

Oilfield Superintendent, Waco, Texas

I was one of the first participants in the study for T-RIZE+. At the time I was 70 years old and had been on testosterone injections for about three years. The bad thing about the injections is that you get an immediate high and then it wears off 3 weeks later. It’s like you fell off a 12-story building. I can do my own blood work so I knew what my testosterone levels were. Without the injections my normal testosterone level was 3.0 (saliva) and 290 (serum). After 30 days on T-RIZE+ I tested at 6.1  and 970.


Retired Physician, San Diego, CA

My job takes me all over the world. I am an account rep for a large liquor distributing company and I am 41 years old. I am overweight, smoke and drink too much. I don’t have time to exercise or eat properly and I didn’t think T-RIZE+ would work for me. I did the saliva test and my baseline score for free testosterone was 33 which I thought was pretty good considering. Thirty days later after taking T-RIZE+ I took the test again and my score was 51. That is an 18 point increase in 30 days. And I didn’t do anything differently.


Independent Liquor Distributor, Charlotte, North Carolina

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