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Frequently asked questions

Yes, anytime you add a new supplement to your regimen, you should consult your doctor.

The first 1-7 days: Many users report feeling increased energy within the first few days. You may also begin to experience reduced stress and or anxiety.

After two weeks: Your appetite may decrease and you eat less, you may notice a reduction in abdominal fat. As fat disappears energy can increase even more and daily activities may become less difficult and exhausting.

After one month: As elevated T-RIZE+ levels take hold, you should experience clearer thinking and less forgetfulness. You may notice your body shape changing more dramatically. Most important, this is when users truly report experiencing a stronger, healthier body.

How do I use T-RIZE? Enjoying T-RIZE+ couldn’t be easier. Just take 2-3 capsules with first meal of the day (breakfast). The ingredients are fully bio-available, and once absorbed in your stomach will go to work boosting your TESTOSTERONE levels all day.

For men over 200 pounds take two capsules with breakfast and two with dinner: maximum of four per day.

Yes, Unless You Already Have Your Score for Free and Serum Testosterone which is less than one year oldHaving a baseline number before beginning T-RIZE+ gives you an opportunity to individually see your progress the next time you go in for blood work or your annual physical.

No, most men after their second month see a marked increase in muscle mass and definition on the rise.  They tell us that there progress for tone, definition, strength and endurance all increase during the second and third month of the T-RIZE+ Regimen.

You should wait a minimum of three months. This gives your body a chance not only to assimilate the formula, but also to begin the process of supplementing your natural testosterone production.

Yes, however the recommended dosage is one capsule a day.

All the ingredients in T-RIZE+ are all naturally occurring nutrients found both in food products and your own body. As with any new supplement regiment one should check with their Doctor or Healthcare Provider before starting any new supplement. T-RIZE+ is made in the USA.

This product is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 years of age regardless of gender.  Responsible parents would not provide any testosterone product to their child without first consulting their physician and having a complete physical, accompanied by comprehensive blood testing.

Checking your testosterone levels once a year during your annual physical is sufficient for most consumers of T-RIZE+.

Please note:  Should your physician or healthcare provider have additional questions about including this product in your health Regiment, please contact us directly.

Have more questions? Click on the link and get in touch, we would love to discuss your questions with you. Contact Us

Customers reviews

I have used a bunch of test boosters and none of them worked or worked for a while and then quit. T-RIZE+ is the only test booster that truly worked and keeps on working. You can try the other test boosters or you can save your money and try T-RIZE+. Forget the gels and the shots. T-RIZE+ really works. It is your testosterone.


Age 70 - Marietta, GA

I am 67 years old and have been using testosterone pallets in-plants from my doctor for almost two years.  When he retired, I decided to try T-TIZE+. I had a comprehensive physical done before I started the product my baseline free testosterone was 3.5 and my serum testosterone was 306.  Thirty days later I went in and had my testosterone checked again. My free testosterone was 6.7, and my serum testosterone was 919. I couldn’t believe it.


Age 67 - Retired CPA, Rome, Georgia

Bodybuilding is my passion.  At 71, I’m the oldest member at my gym that still works out 3-4 days a week.  I’ve used every testosterone supplement out there and had decided that none of them really worked for me.  The guy I train with is 55. I noticed that he was showing up at the gym more often and seem to be getting better results.  Using same circuit training we were doing, so I asked him if he had changed anything in his supplement program and he told me he had been taking T-RIZE+ for about two months.  I could see it was working for him. So I decided to try it. My first saliva test gave me a T score, of 26 which I was told was an excellent score for a guy my age. Two months later I could feel the difference, and I knew my testosterone had increased because I could see it in my muscle definition. So I did another saliva test just to check it out, and my free testosterone went up 60 points to 86.


Age 71 - Retired High School Football Coach