10 Good Fats You Need To Support Healthy Testosterone Levels

You might agree that a few years ago during the fat-free craze eating fats was considered taboo.  Now the truth has come to light. Good fats are well, good for you. The problem is that some people are still programmed to think that fats are bad. Having helped hundreds of patients over the years from

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Can A Simple Oil Be Better Than Viagra?

Can a simple oil be better than Viagra? If you are a man, I think you might agree with me that being able to perform in the bedroom is a significant concern. New studies suggest that olive oil can actually increase performance in the bedroom, reduce sexual dysfunction – Ed and increase testosterone. Who doesn’t

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Super Fast Steps To Creating More Testosterone

If you are a man, I think you will agree with me that if you have erectile dysfunction – ED, feeling sluggish, depressed or having trouble sleeping then finding a solution is of the utmost importance.  With this in mind boosting testosterone is fundamental. The issue that I have found is that most men don’t

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Can you increase your testosterone, if so what you should do?

I know you will agree with me when I tell you that everyone is talking these days about testosterone, from magazine articles to doctors offices promoting hormone replacement therapies.  But can you increase your testosterone naturally? The answer is yes if it’s low. The problem that I have found is that there is just too

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Muscular man workout with kettlebell at gym

Best Exercises To Increase Testosterone In Men

For men the holy grail of looking good and feeling great is testosterone. No matter what your age is boosting your testosterone should be priority number one.  Testosterone often called the ‘male sex hormone’ is what makes a man a man. This powerful hormone produces the drive in men that make them sexy and attractive.

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Ways Men Over 50 Can Boost Testosterone Naturally

 I think you will agree with me when I tell you that what makes a man a man is Testosterone. Of course, more things make a great man like his courage, honesty, persistence, and kindness towards his mother but when it comes to the hormones testosterone is king. Advancement in medicine and technology and the

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