Ways Men Over 50 Can Boost Testosterone Naturally

 I think you will agree with me when I tell you that what makes a man a man is Testosterone. Of course, more things make a great man like his courage, honesty, persistence, and kindness towards his mother but when it comes to the hormones testosterone is king.

Advancement in medicine and technology and the quality of foods we eat has propelled us to live longer. Since we are living longer, it’s a great idea to maintain your testosterone levels this is especially important as we age.

It’s not uncommon for testosterone to be relatively high in men over fifty however without following proper guidelines testosterone can also be low.

If you are feeling sluggish, tired, have loss of concentration or reduce sex drive your testosterone could be low. Below are some ways you can boost your testosterone naturally.

Step #1: Get in shape:


For men, nothing works better to get into shape than strength training. Strength training defined as using resistance either through weights, body weight or resistance bands to strengthen muscles. Adding some form of cardio from walking to sprinting and anything in between is also a great way to supplement your strength training.

Regular exercise or increased physical activity helps to not only get one in shape but will help increase testosterone naturally.

For exercise without getting bored try playing a fun sport like racquetball, or tennis but don’t forget to add at least 2-3 strength training session per week.

For men that have built up some endurance high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a very effective exercise. Regardless of the type of exercise just doing something often can aid testosterone production.

Research suggests that not only does exercise help keep the muscles in good shape but it helps to lower body fat. Obesity is the number one cause of getting fat, duh. Seriously obesity can lead to many forms of illness from type 2 diabetes to heart problems.

Step #2: Eat Good Foods

What is eating right? Mainly you want to eat foods that assist with the production of lean muscle and the production of testosterone and avoid foods that can make you fat.

Going on yo-yo diets, such as starting and stopping dieting can cause your testosterone levels and other hormones to get out of balance. Unbalanced hormones can cause all kinds of problems the least of which is reduced testosterone.

You want to eat lean high protein foods like chicken and fish for protein. Eating good quality proteins helps support muscles which can aid in fat loss thus supporting testosterone production.

Eat tons of leafy greens like collard greens or spinach. Moreover, of course, eat healthy fats like avocado and the fats from fish like salmon. You can eat moderate grains and potatoes however its best to stick to no more than 1/4 of your plate to white vegetables like potatoes or grains like bread and rice.

Eating grains, bread, cereal, and white potatoes can have the opposite effect when it comes to increasing testosterone unless you eat them in moderation. They cause your sugar to spike, mess with your insulin and cause you to put on weight.

Step #3: De-Stress, Relax and Enjoy the Ride.

Thanks to mainstream media we are aware now more than ever of the adverse effects stress have on the body and immune system. When our bodies are stress increased cortisol levels cause not only fat to accumulate but mess with our hormones.

When our hormones are out of whack cortisol, a stress hormone, rising can reduce testosterone. These two hormones balance each other and when stress overtakes us testosterone has no chance. The major problem with cortisol is that it causes us to eat more, gain weight and then store more fat. This increase in cortisol causes the organs to be encased in fat and negatively affects testosterone.

So look into forms of stress reduction like yoga, meditation or Thai Chi to help manage cortisol and stress.

Step #4: Get Good Rest


The importance of a good night rest cannot be understated. Lack of quality sleep can negatively impact testosterone production in healthy men resulting in lower testosterone levels. Some studies suggest that getting not enough sleep is the equivalent of aging 10-15 years.

A recent study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute found testosterone levels dropped significantly in men who don’t get enough sleep—equivalent to aging 10-15 years

With less rest comes not only lower libido but low energy levels, fatigue, terrible concentration and decreased strength.

Step #5: Get Sunshine and Vitamin D

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D, and most don’t even know it. Vitamin D is similar to getting some sunshine. Vitamin D is absorbed from the sun but in its absence supplementing with Vitamin D will suffice.

Vitamin D can increase testosterone levels by as much as 25%.

To get the most advantage from the effects of Vitamin D get regular exposure to sunlight and or take enough Vitamin D daily. The suggested dose is around 3,000 IU daily. As with any vitamin or supplement seek medical advice before taking any supplement.

Studies also show a vast improvement among the elderly who take Vitamin D with regards to boosting testosterone.

Step #6: Take Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Determining whether multi-vitamins are valuable or not remain a controversial topic, however, some vitamins and mineral may be beneficial.

Vitamin B supplements can increase energy in some people and may increase sperm quality by as much as 74%. Zinc is not only an immune booster but some athletes have reported having increased testosterone levels when supplementing especially if deficient.

Step #7: Supplement With Specific Natural Testosterone Boosters

In this day and age, you have to be real careful what supplements you decide to take. There are governing bodies or organizations, like the FDA, that regulates supplements. However, this does not mean that some supplements or herbs are not worth it.

Step #8: A Healthy Lifestyle

As I have mentioned before keeping an eye on your hormones and making sure that they are balanced is the key to a not only feeling great but can result in high testosterone.

One thing to look out for is exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen. Some of these estrogens are found in certain plastics and even in soy products. Even excess alcohol and drug use can lead to decreased testosterone. This includes recreational drugs and prescription drugs as well.

Laughing can aid your health tremendously so avoid the intense drama movies and switch to comedies if you are a moviegoer.


Testosterone is by far an essential hormone a man needs to pay attention. As a man ages, testosterone levels can decrease. Some research suggests this starts to happen as early as age 25.

Following a balanced diet, staying happy and in the sun and getting adequate rest can play a huge role in your overall health, both mental and physical and helps increase your testosterone levels.

Follow along for actionable tips and tricks on why testosterone make men tired and even the nine sign of low testosterone.

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